Course System
Course System
Online Classes Users can easily and conveniently access classes via WeChat anytime, anywhere.
Community Participation The unique interaction we enjoy with our users has created a mutually beneficial community, whereby they can interact with other users, as well as tutors, in real time.
Teaching Aids Our extension of the class model is extremely popular with parents. Users purchase various additional teaching aids to accompany corresponding classes.
Nursery Rhymes Classic English-language songs matched with well-made videos and foreign teachers’ real demonstrations provide children and parents with lively materials for learning. Through repeated playing of songs, children can learn English and develop interest imperceptibly.
Stories The combination of visual and verbal narratives, with picture books, stimulates a child’s imagination and introduces the concept of reading to children. With classic picture books and self-created books, we aim to provide children with a more systematic educational experience.
Toys Learning while playing is a more efficient learning method for children. We provide various courses in which a child can learn while playing. Children and parents are able to play together and learn together.
Vocabulary Cards We have made several sets of vocabulary cards which cover such subjects as food, animals, and the vocabularies learned in various lessons. With vocabulary cards, children can learn English anywhere, anytime.